Hello I’m Jesper Reiche – Senior Lead Developer

I’m a start-up founder, freelance Senior Lead Developer. Aspiring executive, photographer, music lover, car fanatic, vivid reader and lifter of heavy things.

I know you most likely came here by total coincidence but:

If you found me because of my absolutely flawless reputation as an outstanding Senior Lead Developer then do not hesitate to go over to my LinkedIn profile and contact me there. If you found me with another interesting job-offer in mind, then I will let you go with a warning and allow you to contact me with that as well.

If you are interested in what I am reading or have been reading lately, then head over to Books.

If you found me because of interest in my pictures then I can recommend looking at my Flickr account.

If you found me because you are creepy then please press Command + Q if you are on Mac or Alt + F4 if you are on PC to get in touch.

If you wondered why a Senior Lead Developer who claims to be a Full Stack Developer would choose to have a WordPress site instead of building something from scratch, then have a look at: Why a WordPress site as a Full Stack Developer?