This page will be updated regularly and is meant to give an overview of what I’m currently doing. It is a concept inspired by Derek Sivers.

At the moment I work full time as a freelance Senior Lead Developer/Architect for Nordania Leasing in Birkerød. We are creating a new system from scratch and I have been put in charge of a lot of the external and internal API design. Further more I have designed the structure of the code base – and even got praise from the security department for that during a review. My current contract with Nordania lasts until the end of May.

Another thing that has really been scratching an itch is starting another company from scratch. I have finally teamed up with two others and we are creating an app in the physiotherapy space. So now I get to play around with React Native for a bit.

We have just launched a small MVP and will hopefully have an app in the App Store within a few months.