Dedicated or Shared Scrum Master

When implementing the agile way of working, companies are left with a decision on whether to have dedicated scrum master or let the role be handled by one of the existing resources in the team. I have worked in teams with both dedicated and shared resources for the scrum master role and I have formed a very clear preference.

Building .Net Core API for easy database switch

Building a solution from the start to be able to switch database can be a very smart move. In some cases it could be argued that too much software is built for re-usability and with layers of abstraction that are never actually used for anything. But in some cases it makes a lot of sense to make sure that you build your solution in a way that would afford you a good number of options going forward.

Harmful management

Harmful management is not a very widely used term. I even considered coining the term "Iatrogenic management" but left it - at least for now - even though iatrogenic is a perfect term to describe the problem at hand. Iatrogenic is a term taken from health care and medicine.

Ensuring code quality for API’s with Request Manager API Pattern

What problem does Request Manager API Pattern solve? Coding guidelines and code reviews are good ways to ensure code quality and enforce structure. But they also have their limitations. When time is in short demand and the lead developer/architect have no chance of keeping up with the new code being developed, the architecture, structure and … Continue reading Ensuring code quality for API’s with Request Manager API Pattern