Dedicated or Shared Scrum Master

When implementing the agile way of working, companies are left with a decision on whether to have dedicated scrum master or let the role be handled by one of the existing resources in the team. I have worked in teams with both dedicated and shared resources for the scrum master role and I have formed a very clear preference.

Harmful management

Harmful management is not a very widely used term. I even considered coining the term "Iatrogenic management" but left it - at least for now - even though iatrogenic is a perfect term to describe the problem at hand. Iatrogenic is a term taken from health care and medicine.

Common goal and incentive structures in large companies

In small companies, keeping a common goal is simple. There is probably only one product and hence product goal equals company goal. Messing up incentives is hard (but of course not impossible) as people should be rewarded for making that single product more successful. For increasing sales, improving the product or making it more stable. … Continue reading Common goal and incentive structures in large companies

Wittiness – Aristotle’s take on management

There are truckloads of books, seminars and courses on the latest and greatest management theories. But is the latest and greatest really what we need or are developments in management theory primarily making the wheels spin for the people who invent them and the institutions that rely on teaching them. Can a man that lived … Continue reading Wittiness – Aristotle’s take on management