This is part 2 of my trip to Rømø motorfestival. You can find the first part here: Roll of film 007 – Rømø beach race. That post also explains a bit more about the event itself and me going back and forth. You can of course also visit the official page of the event:

The first part was shot on 35mm Fujifilm C200. This part is shot on 35mm Kodak Ektar 100. If you had asked me in advance I would have put my money on the pictures from Ektar being “better” than C200. I can remember I even looked forward to finishing the C200 roll to put Ektar into the Nikon FE I brought for my color photos.

But now that I have scans of both I have to admit that I like the C200 ones better than the ones I will present to you here. It is not that these are bad. There are some really good ones in between. But overall I must give the edge to C200. The grain is better and fits the event. The Ektar to my eyes is too saturated and vivid.

Let’s start with a few good ones. This one I quite like the colors. The saturation is very close to being too much, but just gets away with it.

Rømø motorfestival

This one below I tried to capture the girl in the red dress in the window of the truck. It almost succeeded. But the colors are too saturated to my taste.

This one is okay in terms of colors, but I do not know – it does not do anything special for me. It does mention the name of the event; Rømø Motorfestival. So there is always that. Perhaps there is even some resemblance between the colors on the back of the car vs. the colors of the clothes on the man next to it.

Rømø motorfestival

Here below again are two images where I like the subjects and framing. But the saturation is too profound both on the cars and in the sky. I really wish I had taken these on C200.

These two below are actually okay. Again the sky is a little too punchy to my taste but the people, cars and other colors are rendered acceptably.

Here are two that I actually like. Apparently old Harleys are better subjects for this film stock.

Okay and now the last two ones. These I really like.

Rømø motorfestival

With this framing and colors of cars the film really shines. The only downside here in my opinion is the lack of grain. You could almost be excused for thinking it could be digital.

Rømø motorfestival

Finally the Coca Cola box that I actually also shot on C200 – so it is possible to somewhat directly compare the two film stocks from those images. they are not framed in the same way, but close enough to warrant a comparison.

That is it. I still have a few black & white ones in my Minolta Hi-Matic 7s, but I cannot remember how many I actually took on that one. Perhaps just one or two. I will see once I get the film developed.

As the weather here in Denmark has turned full blown autumn it was nice to have a memorable look at pictures from a warm and beautiful summer day spent at Rømø Motorfestival.