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Roll of film 002 – Tri-X on digital

This time around I will share some shots from my digital camera emulatin Tri-X on digital. It is a Fujifilm X-T2 and if remember correctly, then all the … Read more

Photography October 2020

October was quite a “productive” month in terms of photography. Productive is of course the wrong word to use as photography is more about the process and creative … Read more

Photography April 2020

This past month has been a lot more productive in terms of photography than probably the last half or full year. “Productive” is actually a very “bad” word … Read more

Camp Adventure Tower Denmark

The Camp Adventure Tower in Denmark rises high above the trees and is very majestically seen from the highway going from south of Zealand to Copenhagen. I had … Read more

Photography January 2019

Some photos from the last month or so. Primarily from a little extended weekend to Ski Sunne in Sweden. But first of a little shot from a cold … Read more