Why did I choose to have a WordPress site as a Full Stack Developer? Why did I not choose to show off my skills and build something from scratch in ReactJS with a .Net Core backend for instance? Am I not missing an opportunity to showcase abilities and perhaps even giving off a lack of faith in my own abilities by using something as standard as WordPress? Could I even be labelled as lazy by using WordPress?

The answer to all the above can actually be boiled down to one sentence:

Right tool for the right job

Yes it is possible to build something overly complicated for the job with the sole purpose of showcasing my skills. But how many clients did I have so far that wanted me to build them a personal page – none. How many do I think I will have in the future – none. How many clients that hire me to build their personal page do I want to have in the future – none. If someone contacted me with the assignment of building them a personal page I would tell them to build it in something like WordPress.

Do not reinvent the wheel if what you need is a wheel.

I am a pragmatic programmer by heart. I love patterns and simple solutions to complex problems. I love beautiful code that is easy to read and understand – that will more than anything help with maintainability and bug-finding. I hate adding complexity for arbitrary reasons. I hate use of the latest smartest programming tricks as they most of the time only makes the code harder to read and understand and therefore maintain for future developers. Hence a site to showcase who I am and that can hold the occasional blog-post is best created by a product developed for exactly that.

Fewer things done better.