Hi there

Iā€™m a danish freelance consultant, photographer and start-up founder. Music lover, car fanatic, vivid reader and lifter of heavy things. Specialization is for insects.

I know you most likely came here by total coincidence but:

If you found me because of my absolutely flawless reputation as an freelance developer then do not hesitate to contact me or go over to my LinkedIn profile and have a closer look. I am up for short term contracts both as developer, management consultant and advisor.

If you found me with an interest in my photography then I can recommend looking at either my Instagram or Flickr account or perhaps head over to the Photography section where there will be photography blogs with a bit of text and context surrounding the images.

If you are interested in what I am reading or have been reading lately, then head over to Books. And please leave a recommendation if you read a good book I should consider.

If you found me because you are creepy then please press Command + Q if you are on Mac or Alt + F4 if you are on PC or Linux to get in touch.

If you wondered why a consultant who claims to be a Full Stack Developer would choose to have a WordPress site instead of building something from scratch, then have a look at: Why a WordPress site as a Full Stack Developer?