This page will be updated regularly and is meant to give an overview of what I’m currently doing. It is a concept inspired by Derek Sivers.

Updated 04-04-2020

From March 2020 I returned to the life of independent freelance consulting. I had a very interesting and educational year as permanent employee with Danske Bank, but ended up deciding that the world of freelancing is more to my liking.

Currently I am working with Nets A/S on the MitID project which is extremely interesting. Being part of a project that will affect so many peoples daily lives in Denmark is very rewarding.

I returned to the freelance scene just as everything was shut down for the corona virus. But privileged as my profession is, we are just continuing from home. So apart from only having 3 days to get to know people face-to-face everything is good.

We are currently working through the process of approving our apps for the App Store. The timing could of course not have been much worse as our customers are currently going through a tremendously hard period, being shut down during the quarantine. But we will try to make the best of it and see if we can also help speed up their recovery on the other side.

If you are interested in our project/product then have a look at it here: