This page will be updated regularly and is meant to give an overview of what I’m currently doing. It is a concept inspired by Derek Sivers.

From June 2019 I left my career as freelance developer to pursue a career as Chief Software Architect with Danske Bank Asset Finance IT. I had for a while been looking a at possibilities for permanent positions with interesting challenges and room for growth. When this opportunity presented itself it ticked all my boxes and hence I had to give it a try.

My App-project have now been uploaded to TestFlight and we are currently testing as much as possible. With a little bit of luck we may be ready for the Christmas sale as everyone can then buy our App for their friends and family – which of course they won’t unless they are physiotherapists – but then I expect them to 🙂

Also looking a bit into Python development as I want to learn another language apart from C# and also have an interest in learning Machine Learning so that seemed like the obvious choice.