There are two reasons why I keep this blog/website alive. One is that I like to write and it clears my head to get my thoughts in writing. The other reason is that I have always loved personal websites run by individuals where they share their passion in exactly the format they see fit. I especially like personal “photo-blogs”.

For a while I thought about creating this “Photography blogroll” page and linking to other interesting websites that I found as it is getting more and more difficult to find personal blogs in this search engine optimized mess that is the current search- and general web-landscape.

But one thing gave me an extra push recently and that was the fact that someone else, whom I did not know actually linked to my website in a blog post mentioning people he was inspired by. To be honest – that felt really good. So if I can give others the same feeling as well as help people find more small personal websites, then I need to give it a shot.

Here is my current list of websites that have caught my attention: