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Processophobia – the fear of processes often triggered by the word “process”. Can trigger severe symptoms if the word is overheard in a “work”-related environment. People seems especially … Read more

Is agile killing time for reflection

“Agile” is all over every workplace from municipalities over manufactoring to of course software development. Everyone has caught the “bug” and everyone talks about agile as the best … Read more

Common goal and incentive structures in large companies

In small companies, keeping a common goal is simple. There is probably only one product and hence product goal equals company goal. Messing up incentives is hard (but … Read more

Leading with empathy

Good leadership/management takes empathy and compassion for the people you lead. You can lead without it, it may even be today’s norm – but you cannot be a … Read more

Authority is not leadership

If your only tool in your management toolbox is authority and your ability to exercise it, then you are not really a well-developed leader. Getting people to follow … Read more

How to minimize disturbances at work

Disturbances at work can be annoying and hinder productivity whether you are a developer, a writer, a manager or something completely different, so how can we minimize disturbances … Read more