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Processophobia – the fear of processes often triggered by the word “process”. Can trigger severe symptoms if the word is overheard in a “work”-related environment. People seems especially…

Three Sigma Leadership – Steven R. Hirshorn (highlights)

Complexity multiplies cost

Linearly scalable work

Dedicated or Shared Scrum Master

When implementing the agile way of working, companies are left with a decision on whether to have dedicated scrum master or let the role be handled by one of the existing resources in the team.

I have worked in teams with both dedicated and shared resources for the scrum master role and I have formed a very clear preference.

Harmful management

Harmful management is not a very widely used term. I even considered coining the term “Iatrogenic management” but left it – at least for now – even though iatrogenic is a perfect term to describe the problem at hand. Iatrogenic is a term taken from health care and medicine.

Common goal and incentive structures in large companies

In small companies, keeping a common goal is simple. There is probably only one product and hence product goal equals company goal. Messing up incentives is hard (but…

Reinventing Dell – book notes

Reinventing Dell is short. I read it on a business trip to Belfast from Copenhagen sitting in a crammed airplane with my Kindle. The planes was delayed, but…

Leading with empathy

Good leadership/management takes empathy and compassion for the people you lead. You can lead without it, it may even be today’s norm – but you cannot be a…

The push for new and shiny solutions to old known problems

As a species we have always been attracted to novelty. This has probably served us well for things with short feedback loops as we quickly learnt whether the…