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Complexity multiplies cost

Linearly scalable work

Ensuring code quality for API’s with Request Manager API Pattern

You can clone use and play around with the code from here: Bitbucket.org/jmreiche/requestmanager Feel free to reach out to me with questions or suggestions for improvements.

Automated two apps from one React Native Expo repository

In the following I will show how it is possible to have two app’s from one React Native Expo repository with a little help from Python and a bit of Powershell.

Keep header with nested createBottomNavigator

Every once in a while you into these strange annoying issues when working with React Native. For a lot of things it is really good and you really…

Software Events vs. Real Life Events

Ignoring the fact that the word “event” has a special meaning in software development I will proceed to use it in its broader definition as “something that happens”….

Chain of responsibility software pattern for response handling

As the name suggests Chain of responsibility design pattern creates/describes a chain of responsibility. This chain can be static/hardcoded or it can be dynamic and loaded or changed…

Three ways to solve a problem

In software development and perhaps more broadly, in creative endeavors in general, rarely does one solve a problem that has only one possible solution. Mostly there are “more…

The push for new and shiny solutions to old known problems

As a species we have always been attracted to novelty. This has probably served us well for things with short feedback loops as we quickly learnt whether the…

Handling VAT in Financial API design

If you have ever worked with calculations in the financial sector you know that decimals and roundings are both incredibly important and incredibly annoying. When you round, and…