This will be a short one with a bit of classic car photography. Yesterday I took the good old trusty motorcycle for a ride in the the more fair autumn temperatures of late. I have had the knowledge of a classic car meet happening every Saturday for quite some while, but due to the pandemic and me slightly forgetting about it I have actually never been there on a Saturday.

This Saturday changed that. At least somewhat. I got there – but a bit late.

I do think that somehow played into my hands from a photography standpoint. Cars may have left, but with them a lot of people also left, which means that the cars that were left I could photograph more “isolated”. That can be very difficult when dealing with big car meets stacked with people and cars parked close together.

classic car photography
Jaguar E-type

First of all the location is brilliant. It is an “old” gas station designed by the famous designer Arne Jacobsen ( When there are not too many people around it just acts as the perfect background. The first image here is of a Jaguar E-type roadster. It is shot wide open at F0.95 and I really like it even thought it may not be clinically sharp.

classic car photography
Ferrari and Jaguar

This on did not turn out as great as I had wanted. I think it is an “okay” image, but it just does not do anything special to me. It could have been great – it is two great classic cars parked with their distinctive rears towards each other. But I did not pull it off well enough here.

The first one of the Porsche 356 here is probably my favourite from the day. Even though I also like the first E-type one. But there is just something a little extra special about this one with the 356. I do really love that car as the previous post also shows (Roll of film 005 – Porsche 356) but with this one, the grain structure, the colouring, the framing of the gentlemen in the background through the windscreen. I just really like it. This is what makes classic car photography enjoyable. I really enjoyed opening this up when I got home afterwards.

The second one is “okay” as “fill” or transition, but not good enough to stand on its own in my opinion.

classic car photography
Alfa Romeo

The last one here I think I got a little bit “too clever”. There was two matching Alfa Romeo’s parked next to each other and I wanted to try and capture the second one in the first ones side mirror.

An Alfa connoisseur might be able to recognise what I did, but if you are not more than normally well-versed in old Alfas then the picture just falls flat in my opinion.