I am a big fan of motorcycles. Especially classic motorcycles. I am also a big fan of photography. So when those two can splice together in motorcycle photography I am happy.

I have photographed motorcycles before and there are some from Rømø beach race that I really like The following pictures are some of the ones I am most proud of. I will explain why that is.


I am a big fan of black & white photography and own a good number of B&W photography books. One book that fits exactly into the theme of the blog post is a book called “Too far gone” by Todd Blubaugh (https://www.toddblubaugh.com/) which is a truly amazing piece of work. If you are into old motorcycles, then do check it out. But one thing I can do over and over again is look at the photos in the book. They are so inspiring and each convey emotion as well as tell a story.

Ever since I got that book I have been both dreaming about taking a long road trip, as he does in the book, but also being able to create some photographs that portray motorcycle culture in the same way.

I by no means try to insinuate that I have created some pictures that are as good as his, but I have created something that can be quite rare in creative endeavors. I have created some pictures that I am really proud of myself. As anyone doing creative endeavors knows, creating something that you are proud of yourself is very rare. You are your own worst critic.

Photography is in no way a career for me, it has always just been a passion of mine. From time to time I have had thoughts about making it a career or a few people have asked me if I wanted to pursue it, but my answer has always been no. Part of that is to do not being sure that I would have the same love for it if I did it professionally and part of it was me not thinking I could create images that were good enough.

For the first time I have some pictures that I would be comfortable enough submitting to a magazine or selling as prints. Of course neither has been an option, but for me personally it is a big step. There is thoughts surrounding a work on motorcycle photography in the back of my mind.

Motorcycle photography

The pictures below is from a motorcycle garage/club that is located about 30 minutes drive from where I live. Each Thursday they are open for anyone to swing by and hang out. These pictures are from one such Thursday.

Motorcycle photography - Triumph Tiger
Triumph Tiger 500
Motorcycle photography - Panhead

From time to time I regret that the background is in a crocked angle. If only I had straightened it. But then again I really love the angle of the motorcycle and the way it presents itself from that angle. So my conclusion is that if I had taken a more technically correct image, then I would not have liked it as much.

Motorcycle photography - Panhead

The last two images here I am extra fond of and actually have them printed in 40x30cm and hanging on my wall. Seeing them printed in large format was such a thrill and amazing experience. I was happy to see them on the screen of my computer – and really proud of them there. But seeing them in print, glancing over them and hanging them on the wall just made the experience even more pronounced.