Tag: Analog photography

Roll of film 011 – Olympus-35 SP

“I need to send the Olympus-35 SP directly to a repairman and get it CLA’d” – that was my internal dialogue as I looked at the long anticipated … Read more

Roll of film 010 – Danish beach racing Ilford FP4

This is my final set of images from danish beach racing at Rømø Motorfestival. These are shot on Ilford FP4 black & white film on my Minolta Hi-Matic … Read more

Roll of film 008 – Rømø Motorfestival Ektar 100

This is part 2 of my trip to Rømø motorfestival. You can find the first part here: Roll of film 007 – Rømø beach race. That post also … Read more

Roll of film 007 – Rømø beach race

I only recently(perhaps a year ago) found out that Rømø beach race even existed. It surprised me that I somehow had missed such an awesome event completely. I … Read more

Roll of film 003 – First analog color film Fuji C200

This time around I will show some pictures of the first roll of analog color film I shot after re-starting analog photography. Until that point I had shot … Read more

Roll of film 001 – Ilford FP4

Introduction I have for some time wanted to share more of my photography on my website instead of just having it on the fleeting media of Instagram. A … Read more