This past month has been a lot more productive in terms of photography than probably the last half or full year. “Productive” is actually a very “bad” word for it. I do not take photos to be productive or with some other higher goal. I do so because I enjoy the process. It forces me to use my head in different ways than work normally does. I have to “think and look in compositions”. An added bonus is of course also the long walks in nature.

So saying that I have been “productive” in April means that I have actually allowed myself to go out shooting pictures quite often – which I really enjoyed.

April also added a new piece of kit as I bought a Fuji 23mm F/2 lens which I have used exclusively since I got it. There are parts of it I really enjoy and parts of it I am left wanting. But it having stayed exclusively on the camera since I got is must say something at least.

Judging by popularity this shot, taken on a nice long bicycle ride along the coast from my parents summerhouse, surely wins:

Social distancing 101
Social distancing 101

I also really enjoy it, and will probably make a print of it to put up on my wall.

Another shot from the same bicycle trips is this:

Beautiful beach at Rørvig

Something else I have been experimenting a little bit with is more “abstract” or minimalistic pictures. It sure is not a crowd-pleaser, but I somehow have come to like and look at more minimalistic photos myself and hence also try to produce some every once in a while. Like this one:

Shadows, light and sharp lines

Finishing off this months short montage of pictures is one of the first images I shot with my new lens. There will be a lot more the coming months. So while the millions of you hold on and go without food for an entire month out of pure anticipation, here is the picture. I accidentally walked past this while the light fell exactly right on the flower. In this setting I really think the lens did a great job. As far as I remember this shot is straight out of camera:

Some just hold on a little longer