I recently took my Fujifilm X-T2 for an autumn walk in Frederiksberg. I had finally finished the first roll in my newly acquired Olympus 35 SP and a very old roll in my Minolta HI-Matic 7s, but not yet gotten them back from the lab. So you will have to do with digital for now.

It has been a long time since I last used the X-T2, but as light is fading here in the cold north Denmark, I think it will see more action. The versatility of having variable ISO and ability to go really high and photograph in low light will probably give the X-T2 a little more to do over the winter, as light can be kind of scarce here in Denmark.

I had it for a walk around Frederiksberg and shot some black & white. I have a film simulation set-up almost exactly to my liking. So all of these are straight out of camera jpegs.

Solbjerg cemetery

First is of a church on Solbjerg cemetery. I can actually see it from my apartment and have photographed it quite extensively. But I really like this one. Some would probably want more information in the shadows, but I like the subdued and mystique look.

autumn walk in frederiksberg

This image really highlights the sharpness of the 23mm F2 lens. It is the lens that is mounted to the camera 95% of the time and most of my favorite shots has been done with this unassuming little lens.

I was a little bit unsure about how the very colorful scene of autumn leaves would turn out in black & white. But I really like it. Probably enhanced by the drops of water on the leaves.

autumn walk in frederiksberg

Hmm do not know if this image does anything special for me actually. It is sort of meh.

Frederiksberg garden

The final pictures are from Frederiksberg garden. Again I like the look of the image. There are hints of Tri-X although the whites would probably be even “whiter” if it was analog film. But it gets close. Again the subject itself and composition is sort of meh.

Some details up close. I like the grain when shooting high ISO on Fuji sensors. It is sort of classic bokeh-focus-close shot. But works okay-ish.

autumn walk in frederiksberg

The bridge shot from another angle. I do not know. Had hoped for something better with the reflection in the water. I am unsure about whether the tree to the left being cut is what annoys me or that perhaps the reflection should have been better. Hmm.

autumn walk in frederiksberg

Final one. I kind of like it. I like how I framed it. But would have been so much better on analog film. I really long for the total whites here of actual Tri-X.

That is it. A short autumn walk in Frederiksberg with my Fujifilm X-T2. It sometimes feels too easy to get okay or good results from that camera. I sure have to work a lot more for it with analog film. But those pictures somehow also makes a bigger impact on me.

And finally I have gotten the images back from both my Hi-Matic 7s and my new Olympus-35 SP. So stay tuned for more “Roll of film” posts.